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How to Quickly Create a Border in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2018)

Learn how to create a border in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
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Borders are a great way to separate content, or to set a mood. Premiere, unlike other Adobe software, doesn’t have the most straight forward way of creating a border. Today I am going to show you how to create a border in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

How to Create a Border in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

  1. Find the rectangle tool and select it. Sometimes it is hiding behind the ‘pen tool’ or the ‘ellipse tool’.
  2. Position the sequence cursor to the beginning of where you want the border to start.
  3. Go to the preview panel and change the “fit” drop-down to something like 25%.
  4. Now we can draw the border. Premiere doesn’t let us draw outside of the footage until we actually create a graphics layer. That’s okay. Just get it as close to the edge as possible.
  5. Now draw a rectangle that takes up the entire sequence.
  6. Go to the selection tool and drag the shape so that it locks in to the top left.
  7. You can switch the zoom to 75% to get close and make sure it’s perfect.
  8. Now go to each corner and get them to fit perfectly to the other edges by adjusting the scale of the shape. (Grab it on the edge of the shape to stretch it)
  9. Go to effect controls->shape->appearance.
  10. Remove the fill, and create a stroke.
  11. Make the stroke to about 80-100 to create the border. You can change the color of the border with the color box next to it.

There you have it. You now know how to create a border in Adobe Premiere Pro. It just takes a little of effort with the graphics tools!

If you have any questions or comments, let me know in the comments below, or on the video itself!

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