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How to Use Adobe Premiere Pro’s New Text Tool (CC 2017 11.1)

Learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro's new text tool!

Adobe comes out with major updates every once and a while. These updates usually add a host of new features and content! In the 11.1 update, Adobe changed the entire process of graphic creation in Premiere Pro. With this change, came the introduction of the new text tool. No longer do you have to create a title for some text. Now you can just write directly onto the timeline. Today, we go over how to use Adobe Premiere Pro’s New Text Tool.

How to Use Adobe Premiere Pro’s New Text Tool

  1. Find the text tool in the tools panel. It’s at the very bottom of this panel by default.
  2. Click on this tool, go to your preview panel and click. If you just click, it will add a self adjusting box. If you click and drag, you can create a set size that won’t adjust.
  3. Type anything you want. You will notice in the timeline, a new “graphics” layer has been created. This graphics layer houses your text. (A single graphics layer can have multiple text and graphic elements added)
  4. Click on the graphics layer. Go up to effect controls.
  5. You will notice the text layer is in here. From here you can adjust any of the settings with the text.
  6. If you go to the source text. You can click on the animate stopwatch next to it, and actually animate the text over time.
  7. You can also crop and mask the text with the mask tools right beneath it’s name.
  8. Adjust the font, centering, tabs, and appearance from this effect controls window.
  9. Also, if you open up the essential graphics panel, you can adjust all of these things.

Adobe made this tool pretty easy to use. Play around with it a little bit and you will be able to quickly incorporate it into your workflow.

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