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How to Create Scrolling Credits with the Text Tool in Premiere Pro 2017

Learn how to Create Scrolling Credits in Premiere Pro CC
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With the recent updates to Adobe Premiere Pro, the workflow to create scrolling credits changed. With the Title Tool you used to be able to just click the crawl button. This feature didn’t transfer to the new tool. So in this tutorial, I describe how to create scrolling credits using the new “Text Tool” as well as the new “Graphics Panel”

How to Create Scrolling Credits with the Text Tool in Premiere Pro CC 2017

Setting Up the Sequence

  1. Create a New Sequence to the dimensions that you desire. I created a 1920×1080 sequence.
  2. Select the Text Tool in the tool list. Also, if you want, navigate up to the “Graphics” workspace for a better layout in Premiere Pro.
  3. Change the zoom down to 10-25%.
  4. Drag out, or click to create a text box. Clicking will create a self-adjusting text box while dragging will create a text box which has set dimensions.

Create the List of Names

  1. Go over to the “Essential Graphics” Panel and scroll down to the text section. Click the center button on the left side under the “font-weight” selector. (Usually says “regular” or “bold”)
  2. Now type out your names.
  3. If you are using a text box with set dimensions, you will need to go to the bottom and extend the text box to make sure it fits all the names. Zooming out viewer can help with this.

Animate the List

  1. Travel to the “Effect Controls” and find your text in the list of effects. Inside that text element, scroll down to the “Transform” property.
  2. Adjust Y position (the one on the right) to adjust the text up and down. We DO NOT want to move the position of the entire layer itself, just the one of the text.
  3. We can move this position up so that we can add even more text to the bottom.
  4. Return to the position and adjust it to where you want the credits to start. Make sure to position your timeline to the starting position as well.
  5. Click the stopwatch next to position element. This will create a keyframe. Now move the timeline scrubber to the point in the video where the credits are supposed to end. Grab the Y position once more and drag it (to the left) so the credits scroll all the way off the top of the screen. The distance away from the start of the effect will affect the speed of the scroll.
  6. Go back to fit and adjust to “Fit” to bring the footage back in to view so you can see the beautiful job you have done.

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