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Create a LUT in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Learn to Create a LUT in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018!

A LUT is a great tool to save you some time. There are some great places to download LUTs that professionals have made. You don’t have to be a professional to create a LUT however. Learning to create your own can help you save the color scheme you use often, saving time on similar content down the road. You can also package the created LUTs up, and sell them if they are really good. Today, we talk about how easy it is to create a LUT in Premiere Pro.

How to Create a LUT in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 

  1. Create a sequence and drag your footage on to the sequence.
  2. Go to effects and drag on the Lumetri Color Effect on to your video. (You can also switch to the color workspace from the top)
  3. Now go through Lumetri and add in all of the effects that you want. Get the footage how you like it.
  4. Open up the Lumetri Panel. (If you are just using the effect. Go up to Window->Lumetri Color to open the panel)
  5. Go up to the top near the title of the panel. There will be a “hamburger icon”. Click on this.
  6. Go down to “Export .cube” button.
  7. Choose somewhere to save the file.
  8. This is now a LUT. You can import it in to any program which accepts .cube files. (Which should be most color correction software).

There you have it. It’s really that easy to create a LUT all your own! Just create your masterpiece and then export it!

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