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How to Use the Lock in Adobe Photoshop CC (2022)

Learn to add different locks to your layers in Photoshop!

There are many tools in the Photoshop toolset that help to make Photoshop an easy to use application. One such tool is the lock tool. This feature helps to lock elements in place. This comes in handy when trying to work with multiple layers at the same time. Locking one layer or another will prevent accidental clicks and movements. It will also make it easier to grab the elements around it. Today I will go over this small but important feature in Adobe Photoshop CC 2022.

How to create locks in Adobe Photoshop CC (2022)

  1. Add some layers into your frame in Photoshop. I imported some footage from Envato Elements, a great subscription based service to download a near unlimited amount of stock footage.
  2. Find the layer you would like to lock. Click on it in the layers panel.
  3. Go up to the lock icon above the layers and click this. This will lock the layer from everything!
  4. You have other lock options as well. Lock Transparent pixels will prevent you from filling in transparency.

There you have it. Make sure to look at all 5 locks up there. Each one does a very specific thing which can help your production!

If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comment section below, or on the video itself!



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